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Has your child been diagnosed with AUTISTIC SPECTRUM


  • Impairment in social interaction or communication
  • Repetitive behaviours or interests
  • Poor social skills – unable to make friends with peers
  • Poor eye contact and unaware of surroundings
  • Unable to control their emotions – temper tantrums
  • Follows rigid routines – gets upset when there are changes
  • Sensory perception and regulation problems – eg. sensitive to noises, touch and

If your child has the above symptoms or is diagnosed as having ASD, our proven interventions can make a significant difference! Early intervention can make a lifetime of difference.


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Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism affects some children and their families in Singapore. Children with autism spectrum disorder display mild to severe impairments in social interaction and communication. It is often accompanied by repetitive and stereotyped patterns of behaviors and activities. Early intervention, language therapy, Applied Behavioral Analysis and occupational therapies are few areas where children diagnosed with ASD are put on.

Naturopathy can be helpful in treating the condition a great deal because it focuses on treating the cause and not suppressing it. At Sundardas Naturopathic clinic, our specialists conduct tests to identify and remove potential causes. These may include correcting nutritional, metabolic, and environmental and immune system imbalances. Treating ASD is not a one-size-fits-all approach, but individualized and specific recommendations are made depending on the condition.